I Found Me With You

A new collection of songs by Rhonda Sandberg. 
These recordings were compiled from many years of my recording studio “adventures” into experimentation with various styles, various aspects of my own voice, and simple explorations of finding my own “voice” when it came to finding “You” for myself. My hope is that those who take a listen to this CD will perhaps find a little of themselves in this “love journey”, ultimately discovering perhaps who they are with the “you” they have found.

  1. YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME - Cole Porter
  2. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - Bill Conti/Mick Leeson
  3. IN LOVE ALONE - Richard Carpenter/John Bettis
  4. WITH YOU I’M BORN AGAIN - Carol Connors/David Shire
  5. SAY YOU’RE DOIN’ FINE - Rhonda Sandberg
  6. HERE I AM - Rhonda Sandberg
  7. TOO FAR AWAY - Rhonda Sandberg
  8. SEND IN THE CLOWNS - Stephen Sondheim
  9. SOPHISTICATED LADY - Duke Ellington - 
  10. THE ROSE - Amanda McBroom
  11. WHAT MATTERS MOST - Kenny Rankin
  12. GIFT OF LOVE - Fred Karlin
  13. I FOUND ME WITH YOU - Rhonda Sandberg
  14. THE ONLY LIFE FOR ME - Kelly Nelon Thompson
  15. SINCERELY YOURS - Gary Chapman